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the difficulty 2000-02-02 07:11:00
by marasmus
it's difficult to really keep focus at 3 in the morning when the fone keeps ringing off the got damn hook for no good reason at all. ring. ring. ring. AUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHH!!!! no form of personal communication is quite as annoying as the telephone, let alone at 3 am when you shouldn't be getting calls anyways. Just another example of the abudance of ineptitude constantly at our fingertils.

  it's also difficult to function when nothing in you has the motivation to get out of bed in the morning or into bed at night. i could sell out and loop up on some corporate dope, but i think i'll pass on that offer and prefer the "strung out available programmer (in more ways than one) looking again for a _real_ job"...

  the last job offer turned out to be less than half what i expected. The Computer illiterate trying to tell me how to build a very complex logical system. they have the nerve to 'fire' me (i was working as a contractor/consultant) in search of help from overseas, where the workers will slave 17 hours a day at 20 cents an hour with a cobra permanently affixed to their nuts so they have no temptation to do anything but their jobs.

  Buy korea. Don't buy korean, buy the entire two countries of Korea. Start a small typist farm. make money enslaving people. be corporate assholes with no vision for the future or understanding of the most elementary concepts of computing. What a tasty snack. It makes me want to be a chemical propellant engineer, so i can figure out how to light my WHEEEEEEED from across the room with a model rocket.

  Irrelevant?? Since when does that stop me from anything? :>