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snipin' ducks like a VC.... 2000-11-24 15:18:59
by obrien
...with a bowl of rice and an AK...

I had a fucking awesome Thanksgiving... wanna know why? 'Cause after the usual stuff-yourself-with-turkey routine, I partied at Deke's. And you know what?

Holy Jesus, I love skinheads! But first, let me clarify. Traditional skinheads, the non-racist type, the ones that beat up Nazis.

I don't know of any other place where I can rock out to Elvis, Gwar, oi!, ska, and Celtic music while watching a fine skinhead tattoo my friends. Not only that, but with skins, everything becomes "ours" instead of "mine." As in, our beer, our cigarettes, our bed, our uncooked Ramen noodles that we're eating straight from the package.

Nothing feels better than sharing a bottle of whiskey and a sixer of PBR, then waking up next to 2 fine, burly, bald men and sharing the last beer and the last cigarette. (And for those of you who are interested, NO, we didn't have sex, we just all passed out on the bed around 5:00 AM)

Then we headed over to Mike's house, where Chris cooked us breakfast and Deke took Mike's little shitty boat out on the lake (with a shovel for a paddle) and tormented the ducks.

I had such a great time, even though Deke hogs the covers and growls in his sleep like a dog.