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turkey turkey turkey turkey... 2000-11-24 06:03:35
by caridwen
Marasmus: Me? Get my GED? No way! I was planning on working in the food industry for the next 25 years! Hell, maybe even marry a truck driver with a drinking problem, and we can have tweleve kids!! Fuck, when I come home from flipping burgers and asking "do you want fries with that?" I can take care of a dozen screaming brats and then play a couple rounds of "get beaten by my husband"!! Gee! that's the life for me!! It's all I could ever ask for!

Sarcasm aside.. this was a very good Thanksgiving. After waking up at three in the afternoon, I somehow got out of bed and found the energy to talk my mom into cleaning the house with me. Our livingroom/dinning room went from looking like something you'd find in a trailer park (where my relatives are..), to looking "like Italians live here!", as my father put it. Basically all because I somehow manipulated my mother into helping me clean.

Anyway, my sister and Chris brought Binky over and she ate dinner with us. Dad accused Karen and Chris of having sex in the fruit salad, because he found a blond, yet very curly hair in it... everybody had some story to tell, we almost had a food fight, lots and lots of laughter. Quite enjoyable..

Well, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, also. If not... well, we've all had our share of bad holidays, I think..