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one cock, two socks, red butt, blue nuts 2000-11-22 20:23:15
by marasmus
no. i don't get enough sleep.

so, to recap the week's events... Chevy will be appearing on Jerry Springer, where he will be forced into a sexuality-challenging mudwrestling competition with Jon, weighing 3.72 pounds soaking muddy.

Someone had to clean up that bloodstain in Toby's room. Ever see the Quentin Tarrentino movie Curdled? It's very on-topic.

Caridwen is pulling a StaleMeat/Forge swerve and jackin school in the ass. This will only succeed if she gets her GED in less than a week, though.

Pogo is just pogo. Hope you got a bomb shelter!

Vahman only cares about overclocking his CAS-3 RAM to CAS-2 while kicking his bus to 150mhz. Fucking psychobilly freakout. He burnt out a 300w power supply in the process.

I'm just lookin for a reason to kill everyone at work, and then get a sex change and pull a thelma and louise gimmick with O'brien.