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nipples knees ass cheeks ankles 2000-11-20 16:50:49
by marasmus
it's boring here! why?!?!

Pogo: I was looking for an 8==========D sign but didn't see one. I was disappointed.
Obrien: i would blame John's bitchy actions to be in inverse proportion to the earth-mass of his penis.
Caridwen: WWF wrestling is appealing because it allows the overlogic'd and undersex'd geeks of this world feel just slightly normal if they sit down and rot their brains with that shit. WCW Wrestling? Nah, that's how they perform lobotomies in third world countries.
Everyone else: WHY is there nothing else here? Sum'bitches...

I'm at work and I can't get anything done because of managerial hippiness, just like any other technical administrator at any other technical company. This is what it is like to be the drone typing exactly forty words per minute just going on and on and on like that ben stein guy talking in monotone... a lobotomy to actually listen to the clanky noise of the poorly manufactured keyboard i'm typing on in this very metered manner. blahblahblahblahblah, someone ought to entertain me before i lose it and start throwing heavy objects around the office. I might accidently maim a paper-MCSE (Oh No!).

If you haven't read the reviews on the Intel P4 chips, you probably don't want to, so I won't even give you a link to choke yourself on. However, if you're looking for a good time, check out these sexy bois. Kinda funny - they offered me a job some time around a year ago. I coulda been traveling with a bunch of bondage bois, swingin D's and whatnot. I probably woulda made the same money I'm making now, but I'd have 3 strains of the HIV, the scabies, jaundice, leperocy(sp?), and at least 4 other nasty contracted diseases, so I'm glad i'm sitting in a cubicle instead of wanking around with a bunch of mentally disturbed and sexually assaulted bisexual men/boys. Hell, I bet they were all members of NAMBLA.

For those of you curious on what NAMBLA is and how fucking funny it is to read this nonsense, read the following wonderful URLs:
  • (cracked archive)
  • (supposedly an official page)
I didn't link 'em cause I didn't feel like it. I also didn't want to have some blowhard sloped-foreheaded government agent show up at my door and claim he can take my server for NAMBLA links :P Maybe we should just start a NAMBLA page? Maybe not.