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confused 2000-11-19 19:14:00
by obrien
Hmm... lots of fucked up shit running through my mind right now. I've been in an unusually happy mood the last coupla days, prolly 1) because I got paid on Friday and 2) I lost a few pounds and my jeans are getting loose. But so much bullshit is bothering me that I really feel the urge to kill.

John needs to die. He hasn't done anything to me personally other than exist, but I'd really like to knock those ugly-ass, gigantic buck teeth of his right down his throat.

He keeps fucking with my friends, which really pisses me off. Besides a few unspeakable things, he's talking shit about Chevy and Sara, saying that Chevy is a coke head and all sorts of fucked up shit.

So whenever Chevy gets around to killing him, I'd like to beat the shit out of his lifeless body. He's way up there on my shitlist, along with Leah and a guy named Will.