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Ending the momentary pause 2000-11-17 14:36:44
by marasmus
of 41 hours.

i really don't have anything to say, so i'm just rambling. i think it's about time that I go take lunch, but i really don't feel like getting up.

Tape drives are evil. Evil like fake MCSE's. Evil like fake MCSE's who:
  • 1: Don't use Windows NT or 2000
  • 2: Don't administer servers of any sort or scale
  • 3: Can't configure Outlook 97 to send standard email at home
  • 4: Have a job description of "Documentation Manager"
  • 5: Have this job at a company that uses UNIX!
Don't be a piece of shit. Don't be an idiot. Don't get yourself "certified" in something you literally know nothing about. Don't exist. Don't breathe, eat, sleep, work, watch tv, type, buy, sell, trade, fuck, scream, or speak, unless you're going to do it better than a fake MCSE. MUCH better.

Ending of momentary pause now complete.