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Don't speak 2000-11-15 02:16:29
by caridwen
I am so sick and tired of getting blown off and then being expected to accept some stupid, half-assed apology.
The next person who fucks with me and then tries to get off by giving me a puppy-dog face and saying "I'm sorry" in any sort of tone, will get their legs broken with a fiberglass rod*.
I have had enough with the faux-coating of this stupid fucking society, and it's belief that those two fucking words will fix everything, just because they can. It's almost as pathetic as "I love you" being thought of as the magic words into anybodys heart (or pants).
After being I'm sorry'd until I lost the best relationship I've had, and then being I'm sorry'd until I told that fucking Dipshit to go to hell, I'm not very impressed with anyones verbosity anymore. I want action, I want it now.
Hell, the least Dipshit could have done in the action department would have been to get me flowers or a card like any other neanderthal masquerading as a male would do. Fuck, maybe I might have taken pity on him if he did. Maybe not.
If it wasn't for fine examples of the male condition like Marasmus, and to a more obviously sexed extent, Stalemeat, I would shave my head , buy more combat boots, and begin drinking heavily like I used to.

Hornsby's pickles and cloves...
Smells (and tastes!) a lot like Pussy!

*fiberglass rod Stalemeat, cause I give credit where it's do.