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OK, WTF 2000-04-15 12:39:00
by pogo
Ok, wtf is going on here. Am I the only person who checks for updates and posts? Am I the only person who reads this?! I AM LOOKING FOR A FEW GRAPHIC ARTIST WHO ARE INTO NORMAL AND DEMENTED GAMES. NEED TO BE WORKING FOR FREE, ALL GAMES WILL BE FREEWARE. EMAIL ME. ITS NOT HARD.

Now for my angry drunken dwarf rant. Why is it that every time you sit down and start to pay attention to something, some one has to bother you. I really only watch TV for WWF RAW and SMACKDOWN, but its only during these times, people wanna harrass me. Maybe its just bad luck. I leave on the thought for all you who maybe a girl friend / boy friend and notice your other is annoyed...If you are gonna speak, the person is prolly paying attention to something...So hold on to that thought, and wait for a commercial ;) And don't get pissy if ya get ignored.