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"Remember the flame in the void..." 2000-11-14 12:58:41
by chevy
I am glad that this problem has been resolved, and am looking forward to the light hearted antics of the past returning, as for the threats of death, I must apologize for my loss of temper... just don't crack on any babies or their reason for being, we all make mistakes and just because some are more public knowledge than others does'nt mean that info should be turned into emotional weaponry. Children are a touchy subject for me anyways because I see them as a blessing, not a curse. No matter what the circumstances a child has the chance at a clean slate, because they have not yet been corrupted, or swayed by the world and it's infinite evil. We are supposed to protect and shelter those who cannot do for themselves, unfortunately most of the population see these innocents as prey for their depravity and perversion. Parasites, so weak and pathetic, they have to attack someone without the mental perception or physical strength to defend themselves. When I go... I take them with me...