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Muahahah..haha..ahha..ha....bah, fuck it 2000-11-14 12:19:35
by scrantoine
My throat has been bothering me for the last week or so, I think it might have been the flu but this was the only symptom I experienced for a lenght of time. I'm getting my copy of FFIX today....sweet. Some asshole hit my car the other day, while it was parked outside my aptarment. I have a fragment of his/her car and some paint samples...when I find him, its over. Damn, I haven't posted here in a while..acutally, I haven't posted in some time for any site. I also post on Jeff's site..but it isn't an offical site yet, he still runs it off of his computer.

If you have some spare time and want to have some giggles...check this out. Its a log of myself and some malaysian girl that messaged me the other night. Oh shit...time for class...later peoples.