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YOU ALL ARE PISSING ME OFF!!!!!! 2000-11-13 11:13:52
by chevy
I was'nt going to get into this but you fucking little wanna be adults are really starting to get to me... I don't give a shit about your opinions on drugs, dick sucking or crack, so all you fucking hipocrites who wanna act like your not just a male version of the same thing you call obrien can choke on my bent cock!!! Every fucking day I look at this message board I see the same shit, everyone who posts puts up shit that noone else in the world could give a shit about and then just to look cool they harrasses the shit out of the few people that they know for a fact can be bothered by their petty insults. Obrien has just as much right to post about smoking out in the woods and fucking whoever, as you fucks do posting about your new motherboard and how you jerked off to the knew chyna playboy and had a 6 pack of bud!! I've had it with this shit, and as funny as it will sound coming from me, you all need to grow up... not one of us has waited till we were married to fuck someone, every one of you drinks large quantities of liquor('cept stale), and as far as you cracking on her for the baby her and marasmus made...I will fucking kill the next person who speaks of that child in a disrespectful way... I am not kidding.