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dumb cunt 2000-11-12 13:43:05
by pogo
Killing people still isn't politics. Being fat and having fat aggression to push off on others is your problem. Just STFU. You openly admit to being a whore, so we are all proud. Nothing like a fat fucking whore. If you feel like posting, make sure it isn't gay, like yourself. Nothing wrong with wanting another fat whore's pussy, or wanting to suck fat dicks, but it does seem kinda dirty.

A good solution would be to stfu, and i will too. If you stop making posts, I will stop. If you stop sucking dicks, smoking crack, humping elephants, and making sure your child grows up to be a drag on society too, I will stop fucking posting.

As for your popular vote, Voter fraud will be magnified. Worse than it is now. Stop speaking, ponder some shit, and maybe, just maybe, use the fucking brain, if it still functions.

Just STFU.