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IOnlyShutUpIfThere'sACockInMyMouth 2000-11-12 10:47:24
by obrien
Here's what I gotta say: I'm happy. I got a good job, I'm makin money, I'm going to school, and I know how to spell, so nothing you can say can make me any less happy, just a lil annoyed.

And Toby, you need to stop the whole "fuck-with-obrien-cause-it's-the-cool-thing-to-do" thing. My last post was discussing politics, a topic which Caridwen and Marasmus had brought up. Definitely not a diary entry or anything like that. It's kind of an important topic to people that give a shit about the world outside of their pr0n and their computer. Don't you read the newspaper? Oh wait, that's right- you're illiterate.