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Beer 1, Linux 0 2000-11-11 23:38:04
by marasmus
Just to keep everybody in the world in check, I'd like to make a statement regarding the hardware support by Linux for SPARC hardware.

It can choke on my throbbing wang.

After DAYS of Linux/SPARC torture, my CS4231 sound on my Sparc 5 still didn't work at all. It definitely wasn't my fault - I know the kernel way too well and I know sound devices, and it just flat out didn't run. I got pissed off and turned back to my original favorite for SPARC's... OpenBSD.

Did it work? Well, I'm typing up this message post from my Sparc 5 while listening to David Allen Coe's "Fuckin in the butt" on my wonderful Sony headphones. It worked like a muh'fukken champ.

GTK/Gnome is a different story.. but that's because OpenBSD and GTK's configure script can't agree on ldconfig's syntaxes. I'll manage a hack for this sometime soon.

In the meantime, just think of me checkin out pr0n and listenin to redneck ass music on my hardc0re sparc and 19" monitor everytime you come to VectorStar. :>