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political bullshit 2000-11-09 08:53:34
by obrien
Caridwen, I gotta agree with you on most of those views, except for supporting Pat Buchanan. I like his ideas about immigration, but hate the fact that he wants to ban abortions. Either way, I think it's too bad he didn't campaign in FL more, because he would have certainly stolen a couple thousand more votes from Bush, and then I wouldn't be scared shitless due to the fact that we might have just elected an IDIOT.

The one good thing that might come out of this whole fucked up election is that if Bush wins, (despite the fact that Gore won the popular vote) it'll prolly piss off the Democrats in Congress enough that they'll push to pass a bill where the popular vote, not the electoral college, is used to determine the election.

But yeah, FDR was retarded for creating the fucked up Social Security system we have today (didn't he see a problem when today's workers pay for today's retiree's benefits??? dumbass), Carter was a stupid peanut farmer, Clinton's a male whore, and watching the 8mm film footage of JFK's assassination and seeing his head explode in a splash of nasty red gore is the most beautiful site I have ever seen.

Kennedy's bullet-ridden body in the street
Ride, Johnny, ride
Kennedy's shattered head hits concrete