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hookin' on the side 2000-04-13 16:41:00
by marasmus
ya know dave, if it weren't for your lil' streetcorner strut you wouldn't have to worry about those pesky crabs... :>

seriously, on a side note, the status of vectorstar is: UNDERUSED. there's 0.00% average processing and an average of only like 100 megs a day transferring through here.. we've got enough bandwidth to push 3-4 gigs a day, and it's not gettin used!! come on! there are free shells, free web space, free email... and it's the GOOD shit, cause there's even a total lack of advertizing and sellout shit, plus it's runnin on a *nix network instead of your oh-so-common mickeymouse NT setup you see these days.

Someone must have a decent use for the space and brainwave activity on here... facken use it!