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Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out. 2000-11-08 21:06:35
by caridwen
I actually like Buchanan, he wants to take this rat hole of a country back from illegal aliens and other annoyances.
Almost all forms, pamplets or whatnot you find at any government office comes in atleast thirteen languages. For example, I went down to the D.M.V a few weeks ago with my sister, and they had shit in Swahili. I don't see other countries doing this, mainly because they have something called a "National Language". Some forward looking countries have two or three of these "National Languages", but I haven't seen one yet with thirteen.
I know, America is one big melting pot and people from all over the world come here to start a new life, blah, blah, blah, we should help the people, blah, blah, blah, they can't think for themselves so we need to pass a law, blah, blah, blah.. Fuck that shit.
All those tree-hugging, eco-friendly liberal "save the rain forest" motherfuckers gotta go. Anyone who thinks passing a law, or making a tax or doing anything to control some action, just because there's a possibility of something happening, needs to die.

Hitler had a good idea with those concentration camps, he just put the wrong people in there.

Common sense, logic and a set of morals should be used to govern, not laws. The government is a machine that if allowed any power or freedom, will turn into a self-serving bureaucracy doing everything it can to make sure it's needed.
By doing such things as passing laws against guns, banning drugs like marijuana, l.s.d, and shrooms, we are removing the option to make common sense choices.
Teaching your kids how to fire a gun, which in turn teaches them to respect the weapon, isn't an option anymore. Instead we remove guns from them, tell them guns are bad, rant and rave about the dangers of guns, then when Little Johnny finds daddy's pistol and has no clue that if he looks down the barrel and pulls the trigger at the same time he'll blow his face off, we scream about needing to ban guns. Hrmmm... I didn't know this was a game of Catch-22.
Drugs are even more fun. In my personal opinion, anyone who wants to be a druggie should be allowed to be a druggie. Then, we should come down harder then fuck on them if they hurt, maime, kill or endanger the life of any other human being without their consent.
Instead, we ban the substance instead of banning the possible dangerous outcomes. This action of course has the same effect that this game had with guns. Little Johnny smokes some pot, feels like a rebel, does some acid, feels way cool, starts doing coke or meth, believe he's a fucking god of coolness. All the while of course, little johnny has sores oozing puss on his face, can count his ribs in the mirror, cleans his house five times a day, chewed off all his fingernails and will only be productive the day they put him in the ground and he becomes lawn mulch. That is of course if the drugs in his system don't leach into the soil..
All I'm saying folks, is that when we ban a substance or a tool, we give it power and meaning. When we put limits on the actions of our youth, they immedatly wanna go do what we don't think is safe. By putting up a big "do not push this bright, shinny, red button that will cause your head shrink and turn you into a lemur" signs, we are literally daring the youth to come and see if they'll get big glow in the dark eyes and a nice long tail.
This started off as a political rant, it ended up as a giant tangent on my beliefs of personal responsibilty. Considering they're somewhat connected, I didn't do too bad.

Thankyou FDR, JFK, Carter, Clintion and all you pacifist, tree-hugging "equal liberty" fucks for turning this country into a giant pussified example of what folk songs and granola do to your manhood.