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by scrantoine
*Ack* I ate an actual full meal today and my stomach hurts. I haven't gone to the store to stock up on foodstuffs for a few weeks now, basically I eat some dry cereal in the morning and I whip up some ramen for dinner, thats all have been eating for the past few weeks. Why do I do this you ask? Mostly because I'm lazy, and I also work till close quite a bit at Gamestop, so I don't have much time to eat. Anyway, I reserved an X Box for next year...its going to skull rape the ps2 and the gamecube. Sony sent some display boxes for the ps2 to us the other day and I scammed one for display in our appartment. Why? Because we don't have anything in our decor at all. I also took a giant display for DOA2-Hardcore and put it in the living room. Pics can be found below.


Random thought: Lost your cat? Have you tried looking in my pants???