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Also... 2000-11-07 10:05:40
by marasmus
I wanted to give my especially grand congratulations to KmartCowboy. MCI?!? Damn man, you're going to be outdoing me pretty soon! The news on the home is extremely cool.

As far as the Virgin Mary comments, I personally would like to shed some sort of circumstancial evidence that God, under the judao-christian belief, has a sense of humour. Don't believe me, then why would he let us find this information in the Dead Sea Scrolls? He obviously wants to twiddle with our heads a little bit and see how antlike we truly are on His scale of things. That's true humour! :)

Lastly mentioned, but (hopefully) firstly accomplished, don't forget to wash yah nuts if ya wanna stay clean! Without clean nuts, you can't get laid, so you can't get the scabies. Hrm... Maybe you shouldn't wash yah nuts then. Damn. I'm puzzled...