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Progress? 2000-11-07 09:45:59
by marasmus
This is copied from my personal site's library of tact[full|less] endeavours.

On the verge of election day morn, the two primary candidates sit, doing almost precisely the same thing, as they wait for the votes to tally up. As they have campaigned along the trail of annoyance, their ideas have been nearly identical. They bitch and moan and make epic the minute details of a number of wildly sensationalized topics, like taxation, social security, and national healthcare. They speak in hypocrisy not because it is what they believe, but rather because it is the only vomitous spew of ignorance that the common voter understands.

You have an economic system, like any other logical system, which contains a particular law of nature and science that defies the logic of political argument: The Law of Conservation of Mass. This law simply states that matter (or whatever the particular resource is) can neither be created nor destroyed. This law applies today to money in the nation's infrastructure.

All candidates are preaching large tax cuts (reducing the flow of money through the government for projects like roads, utilities, health care, military, law enforcement, education), while claiming that they will sustain the Social Security system (a multi-trillion dollar investment), strengthen the national Health Care systems (more multi-trillion dollar investments), and bring our military to a more active status.

The problem is that both candidates have outlined plans that spend money we don't have, so we owe ourselves more pretend money in the pretend game of politics. My question is this: How to the industries involved in being owed money by the government feed their families, without their income coming in? Where are the effects of this fake money? Does this deficit actually exist outside of theoretical numbers on paper?

It could be considered a decent conspiracy theory that this deficit buzzword has been created as a means for future politicians to reallocate money and circumvent the current systems in order to push that money to their own key projects, their own pockets, the Fort Knox bank. Perhaps this deficit syndrome has only been created in order to fabricate the inflation effect we have been suffering for the last hundred years.

The sad part is that the Joe Q. Voter out at the polls this morning doesn't know jack shit from a hole in the ground, can't add 2 + 2 to make 4, and doesn't understand that the HMOs, hospitals, police forces, and roads he drives on to get to work are all paid for by the taxes he doesn't want to pay. I wonder how he'd feel about taxes when he has to walk through shrapnel-ridden asphalt, breathing in smog, to get to an unsafe workplace where he gets dissentary from using the especially unsanitary toilet. At home, his wife is coughing up blood from lung cancer from using toxic cleaning agents, and his kids have bloated bellies from the burst appendixes he can't get removed without emergency hospital care. He gets to come home to all this, where he can't watch football on TV, because antitrust laws no longer exist and companies like Time Warner, Bell, Verizon, Cox, and Paxon Communications own privatized networks where they only show their own propaganda. Hell, don't wait for tax cuts - it's already happening today.

What the fuck is the end result of all this "progress" in politics? Only low voter turnout can tell us for sure.