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We don't want your stinkin' Nyquil! 2000-11-07 03:00:51
by caridwen
Welp, it must be autumn cause I woke up this morning and couldn't stop sneezing for almost a half hour. Then my sinuses got so swollen I couldn't open my eyes. And then the fever came. I found myself making out with a doorpost sometime around 4:30. Today has been interesting.
Sometimes I question why I don't take allergy medicine after the first sneeze like a normal person. Or why I don't bother with asprin or something when I get a fever. Then when my eyes are swollen shut, and my tounge has splinters from playing tonsil hockey with a fucking doorjam, I'm shocked and amazed by my refusal of medication of any sort, ever.
Then I look at how my sister can take some allergy meds, breathe, not sneeze or have runny eyes, but you ask her what 7 times 8 is and it takes her thirty seconds to respond. Or how my already scatterbrained teacher will use some nasil spray when she's got a stuffy nose, and be a jittery, hyper, mindless mass who can't hold a pencil let alone grade a test.
I watch all these stupid people get even stupider because they took some over the counter medication that clears their head, makes that cough go away or stops a fever.
If this is what medication does to people, I'll stick to getting so sick I put the moves on walls, thankyou. Atleast then it will be my own bodies chemicals making me think Mr. Doorjam is one sexy mutha fucka, and not some over the counter bullshit.