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The Regal Beagle 2000-11-05 22:47:01
by vahman
This is a question that I asked someone that replied to a love@aol personal add, and their response:

In response to: If you want, I can strike it in the rear parts. Let me know.

Um, no. And let me tell you why... no. I've always proclaimed it to be exit only. I don't like ANY slip-ups. There is no "whoops" back there. Something gets too close to the poop chute, and an alarm goes off. My eyes bulge, my pants are back on and I'm running out the door while the guy is still thrusting his pelvis. I don't even like a guy joking around back there is he's well endowed. It's mean. It's like making retard jokes at the special olympics. You just don't do it. Sorry, I have enough gastro-intestinal discomfort. Having my fudge packed will not make things any better. Thank you.

I officially have VectorLinux running on one of my machines. It is a very stripped down version of Slackware.........which doesn't even contain a text editor by default.

Can I hit..........awwww screw it........