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mcse, a+, palm IIIc, car wreck.... 2000-11-02 20:49:21
by pogo
well now you say "WTF".

first, i got a palm IIIc today to organize my life...and to take notes for class on, and sex the buttocks. NEXT, i got in a car wreck, some doof drove into my car without using his brakes, he bent my frame, i got a ticket, something wrong? you betcha...

if some mcse wanna be a+'in izzazzholes wanna come over and fix win 2k to say "hey pogo, you gots working serial ports", i'll be happy, if not, i'll just break your legs with my nam car..... purple and stick, and on the road.

so like a road apple on sunday bathing in caramel, please help my stupid ass :)


Pogo the great and wonderful have a bad day man