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1 bottle concentrated joy + 1 fountain 2000-11-02 11:58:50
by marasmus
I put up some sort of rant/essay/gibberish comparing my view of Open-Source versus Closed-Source mentalities on my site. Good read for those who want to talk smack to their IT bosses.

I checked today and saw that we have a whole THREE non-staff user who has been bright enough to connect and check out the new shell servers. Well, at least there ARe three, huh? :)

I've been doing a little bit of work getting ready to give database access to users who want it. The necessary tools are very near complete. I've got to write a tool to allow users to change their password on the DB, and it'll all be good.

Software development really sucks. The problem is that most software developers are spending the majority of their time trying to fix someone else's broken ass code. We are so intent on duct-taping everything we can that we don't stop and ask ourselves if we SHOULD duct-tape it. Why not just throw out the shoddy software and just write it from scratch? Most of the time it'd even be faster to do that than try to fix the old code.

People baffle me.