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Don't catch da HIV kid... 2000-04-12 21:50:00
by pogo
Ok, First, i apollogize for my lack of respect of people. I been working like a hound on my damn paper. If it isn't one thing, its another lately :) The cd i needed to read from has a HUGE scratch, and only affects 1 file...the one i need :) w00! And i have been devising a plan on how to use personal keys with encryption, still insecure, but hey, i'm having fun.

now for a bit of news from the real world...

Scrantoine, I have no idea who you are, but it seems you like console games, dig this RIGHT HERE.

As for the rest of the world, I am looking for ONE or TWO graphic artists who have spare time and wanna work for free :) I'm currently planning out two games but alas, I cannot draw graphics. The games will be free, but ya get your name in the credits. you can email me with some thoughts and why you should do the graphics!

Finally, my brother got a skateboard for his birthday, and I found it to be fun to attempt to ride. It passes time and It relaxes the thought process. Helped with the encryption program too. For my final thought of the day...

If you are a fat man and in my computer class, no one cares if you use dos 6.22 at work, have no concept of a private life, and wear $5 fake sun glassess. Get over it. You still suck my balls! Oh yeah, Almost forgot. If ya haven't seen it, check out Arlington Road. Night kidz! Don't get da HIV.