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fame 2000-10-31 22:33:52
by pogo
hehe, i figured as much. getting /. isn't the best thing, especially when only a select few were meant to have it, not the entire fucking world.

So thus, toby, i bet your ass does hurt, i know deep down he emailed you and said "pig fucka", i know i would have :)

Finally, i went to mcse test taking place, and passed 4 of 6 tests today. ph33r my penis, at this rate, i'll be...

mcp + i + mcse + mcsd + mchorney + sex + penis + cow by the end of the year. THEN, i will demand $600k a year, or my ass will have revenge on marasmus toilet.

^_^ so lick my poop stained underwear, and hope for the best...