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hahaha 2000-10-29 13:36:04
by pogo
I love obrien. It's plain and simple, she is soo fucking well loved. OH YEAH!.

btw, people with an IQ of 25 can function, not very well, and have hopes for a second grade education. However, below 20 and you are talking veggie...

HOWEVER, ALL HUMAN LIFE IS TO BE VALUED. What if I decided to perform genocide against all semi over weight people with children? Or all neo-nazi children who are mcp? Or all pierced weirdos with children on the way? Or rambling idiots like myself?

Just think twice about what you are going to say. Killing people isn't the answer, although it is a good thought. To those people who are in such a condition, life is normal to them, just like cubans, or people in mexico, it's only when they see something else, are they in a less than apealing situtaion.

So maybe, just maybe, you obrien should STFU about how you get a job every day, whose dick you sucked, how many pills you took, and which pussy you want to touch. Be a considerate woman with a tad bit of taste. And don't dis on toby, the man has a heart of gold, and while his "posting" skills are not the best, i know he's a champ.

/me ends the rant of stupidty knowing that some people will not understand, and that myself included should stfu. HOWEVER, my posts are mildly amusing and have educational value. SO if(strcmp(obrien,"self hatred fat aggression pushed on other people") == 0) { kill(get_pid(),9); }