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don't even start 2000-10-29 11:51:51
by obrien
Toby: All I have to say to you is, "Fuck off!" You're the most idiotic person that posts on this board, and I think you'd be doing us all a favor if you anally raped yourself with a loaded sawed-off that just *accidentally* went off. Don't take it personally, because I think the state should execute all people with an IQ below 25.

Either way, your posts make no sense, you have no clue what you're talking about, and while it appears that English is your native language, you seem to have a really hard time speaking coherently. I suppose you can read, otherwise you wouldn't be responding to my post. But maybe you've taught an ape to read and he explains things for you, I'm quite sure he'd be on your level intellectually.

And another thing- if I'm not mistaken, you were banned from posting for quite a while. The only reason you're allowed to post again is the fact that you caught Laird in a good mood. So don't even start, I'll rip your ass to pieces.