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more D *UPDATE* 2000-10-27 22:47:32
by pogo
We got vampire hunter D for psx.
We all know microsoft was hacked, did ya see my link below?
Who's partying when?

oh yeah almost forgot, dual heading is nice, eat my ass, and obrien, fucking have sex, stop telling us a day by day account of YOUR life, its boring. No one cares about how many drugs you take, how many d's you suck, how much pooty you dream about, how many kids are yours, how you were arrested for 200 lbs of crack. OK. i covered it all. :)

Just email each person at vector with it instead. ESPECIALLY this kid's site.Cute but damn the bitch needs a life or something. Only underwear gnomes can save him...

UPDATE: cvs integration with msvc == fucking pimp...