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wooo fucking hoo! 2000-10-27 16:51:29
by obrien
Well, I went in to my first day of work today without so much as a twinge of nervousness. I was more worried about the Humanitites exam than I was about working today, which is odd... But I fucking love my job!! It's really slow all day, with only a few orders coming in around noon. Other than that, I basically sat on my ass and smoked cigarettes and drank Dr. Pepper. Not to mention the fact that the girl who's training me always smokes a fat blunt in the morning.... The owner only stops by occasionally (although she was in a pissy mood today), so as long as I show up no one cares. I won't really be making a lot of money, but I don't give a shit. All I need is gas in my car, cigarettes, and beer. It's fucking awesome.