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I got a snake maNG! 2000-04-07 20:12:00
by scrantoine
Last night I was ill beyond belief with the cold from hell. Anyway, around 8:30 or so, Keith (my step-father) comes into my room and says, "check this out." Right about then I'm thinking this is either some stupid joke or he has screwed something up and needs my help to fix the problem. So I follow him out to the back yard by the pool and he points to a large plant we keep in an equally large pot. I'm half delirious with Nyquil and my eyes don't work so well, so I ask him, "what the hell am I looking for?" He tells me, "look around the bottom of the pot." Well, inside the saucer that sits on the bottom of the pot to collect water for the plant therein, rests a snake. Keith flashes it with his flashlight and it moves a bit in the other direction. When the light hit the snake, I realized that it was someone's pet snake. I came to this conclusion based on two observations: 1) Usually, wild snakes bolt when you come anywhere near them (aprox. 5 ft. or more) 2) This snake had the coloration of a boa constrictor and boas are not native to Seminole, Fl. With this in mind, I proceed to do what any rational-thinking human being would do in this situation; I picked him up without a second thought and told Keith to get Inspector's old cage (Inspector is Keith's former pet bird, passed away a few month's ago). So now I'm waiting to hear from any neighbors in regards to the snake, and if in a few weeks I hear nothing, I'm keepin' the snake!