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What Disney never wanted you to know... 2000-10-26 19:43:11
by caridwen
I'm sitting at my computer right now, trying to decide what I want to go eat, and all of a sudden, I start thinking of "The Jungle Book"

You remember that movie, right? The one with Mowgli and Bagheera and Baloo, and the man-eating tiger and shit? Well, I started thinking.

What if the real reason that all the animals in the jungle wanted our friend, Little Mowgli to leave the jungle was because he had one giant ding dong and kept pounding all his animal friends with a fierceness?

I can see it now...
Boy lives and grows up in jungle, boy is taught the "Bare Necessities" of life by his well hung Bear pal Baloo.
Boy becomes Raging Homo of Doom(tm) and teaches Bagheera and Shere Khan the meaning of human dominance.
"Come back Shere Khan!! Come Back!! I haven't shown you the best part yet!!"
or maybe..
"Really Bagherra. this will only hurt for a second.. do I have to tie you down agian?"

And so, after a few long months of being perpetually buggered by a pre-pubescent boy with the Wing-Wang from Heck(tm), all the furry jungle creatures set a fire and burn the little bastard out back to the damned man villiage.
Well, the movie ends there, but I personally believe that young Mowgli fucks that pretty girl he see's till she dies and then starts on all the livestock he can find.

Eh, we all go back to what we began with sooner or later.