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goose-stepping Nazi cunt bastards 2000-10-26 17:50:47
by obrien
I figured it wasn't exactly legitimate, but I thought it was funny. I actually submitted the poem to, who in turn sent it to They're not asking for money, or even that I buy the book, so I'm gonna send back my little thing that says, "Yes, I wrote this." If nothing happens, I don't care, cause I only wrote the poem because I was bored one night at Chevy's. It certainly wasn't a literary masterpiece.

But, on a more serious note, I got a job! At a ghetto cafe on 34th street with my friends Kelly and Nicole. It should be fun. So Marasmus, Kmart, prolly piercedfreak and maybe even Stale, if I owe you money, now's the time to ask.

And my Humanities professor postponed the test because only 4 people showed up for the exam review on Tuesday, and of the 6 people that showed up today, only 2 knew about the exam. The other 2 that showed up on Tuesday must not have studied. So stupid me, who stayed up half the night reading the text and taking notes, has the whole weekend to relax.