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ohmygoodness!! 2000-10-26 11:42:14
by obrien
Holy shit! I was just studying like mad for my Humanities exam when I suddenly got the urge to check the mail, so I did. Stupid catalogues, junk mail, until the last piece of mail....

From Immediately I recognized my poem (cause there was a little window and my poem was just chillin there waiting for my parents to read... "Greenish testicles? Oh God. Laurie!!!") Anyhow.... So I rip open the letter... and this is what it said.

"Laurie, your poem was selected for publication because of its *unique perspective* and your *artistic vision*. We believe it will add to the importance and appeal of this edition of Nature's Echoes."

Not only that, but I'm also a semi-finalist in's International Open Poetry Contest. I could win one of 104 cash and gift prizes- including the $1,000 Grand Prize..

I don't know if this is a bunch of bullshit, I don't *care* if it's a bunch of bullshit, I think this is pretty damn funny.

And if ya don't remember which poem I'm talking about....

greenish testicles
covered in large
bulbous, oozing, infected pustules-
so I popped them.