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Redundancy for a free slap in the mouth 2000-10-26 09:50:16
by marasmus
Okay... about the server names again, so far I'm favoring StaleMeat's number one contribution of 'holocaust' for the secondary (development) shell server. Realistically, I'd prefer another name because (1) that name was really intended for the SparcServer 690MP rack server we have that is not in use (cause it sucks so much power), and (2) because i don't feel like telling our provider to update our reverse dns tables with 'holocaust' as the server name :)

The database server is still without a name. This box needs a _really_ cool name, because it will be by FAR the most hardc0re server we have - a Dual PII-Xeon 400 in a rackmount black case. I bet you shell freeq's out there are just thinking how cool it'd be to have that as a shell server.. :) That might happen when we finish the second dual xeon. Maybe.

Entirely unrelated, RAM prices have been INSANELY cheap lately. You can now get 256mb PC133 SDRAM for as little as $144. just go to PriceWatch to see what I mean.

As far as our service upgrades go, the new primary shell server, mexicanhouseboy, is now up and running. If you want to play around with MHB, you can telnet or ssh to (or if you just feel like typing more). I will be switching the mail services over to MHB today.