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Hark the naval sings good day 2000-10-26 04:23:58
by angeltek
I don't know...Maybe it's just me...but.... Is it possible that every person is so fucked up in this world that they don't realize that with every breathe they're bringing humanity one step closer to deat? I know your thinking...what the fuck drugs are you on...well...I'm not on any...right now...but that's besides the point. Every time we breathe in we remove the oxygene from the air along with a certain amount of all the other chemicals...however when we breathe out, we're breathin out CO2...(I always wondered how a transformation like that is possibl). Now we all know that trees are supposed to clean the air as well as remove the CO2 and replace it with oxygene...(again, I always wondered how they did that). Now How can we be breathing in the same level of oxygene that we did say 20 years ago?...Obviously the air is more polluted...and contains a higher co2 level. the reason I say this is cause Trees get cut down, plants killed....tons of daily pollution that seem to maintain a constant level...sure the factories are puttin on those filter queen paper bags on their stacks...but what about the constant use of cars?....You really think anyone really wants to get a hybrid car...sure...we could save the planet...or... Beleive it or not...15 years ago there was a car created that used water as a fuel...(the plans for it are buried in some corner of the Patenet office)....It was bought privately by an oil company, then hidden away. I think we all know why somthin like that would happen. Here are some new cars that will be comin out... The Hydrogen uses hydrogen as a source of, maybe it's just me, but drivin around with an extremely combustible fuel...and the ammount of car accidents that occur....true they were'nt so tradgic...however...lets think...remember the Hindenburg? Do we really want a car that's going to explode and send shards of metal and glass zooming through the air that could lead to many innocent bystanders untimely deaths? Well...That's my little quip about cars....I hope you all learned somthing important today.... There is noo fucking way that we can save this planet now!