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Behold the power of cheese 2000-10-25 23:38:14
by obrien
This is a totally random thought, but I hate video games.

Also, by the time I'm done with my Humanities exam tomorrow, I'll be in the mood to ring someone's neck. We have 4 exams in my Humanities class instead of 2 (thank God), but it's only been 2 classes since my last one. In other words, last Tuesday I had a Humanities exam, and tomorrow I'm having another Humanities exam. I knew that this was an express course, but shit! Thursday we did an intro to India, and Tuesday we had the exam review. What the fuck?!

Not to mention, I have a job interview tomorrow. Everyone oooh and ahhh, Laurie might be getting a job. Marasmus and Kmart might remember how I was supposed to call my friend's mother's cafe about a job, but I never did, so someone else got it. Well, my friend Kelly is going back to school full time, so she's quitting. At 2 I'm supposed to go in and have a lil interview.... *crosses her fingers* maybe I'll stop having the pseudo anxiety attacks and actually hold this job... It should be ok because I know Nick's mom and she's the sweetest, dumbest person in the world. And Nick and Nicole work there, so I won't be lonely.

But it's off to study for me...