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who wants some wang?? 2000-04-07 02:13:00
by pogo
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fake security! w00 w00. I read an article yesterday about old cisco 7 encryption. So as to be a smart ass, I write a program based on the well written document to decrypt the passwords. Well, I get this pimp idea, why not make super weak chat encryption? It'd be fun, free, and shitty! So I bust out with some VB. Now, I haven't use VB for a while, so It took longer than I expected, but Phase 1 of my super weak encryption chat program is done. This encrypts a message based on a 20 character key. And using super trivial method, it encrypts a message. It will do multiple lines, and decrypts as well to make sure ;) I am not telling you how to use this, its not really worth it. But its for fun, I'm sure a few of you can figure it out.

You can get my ghetto tool HERE.

Have a great night! btw, I got a running man on my screen who jumps and i just need some violence...HAPPY ELVES IN HAPPY LAND!