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wh00pie! 2000-10-24 22:05:10
by pogo
Ok kids, today I did a lot.
1.) I found 3 pages of info on why _HOMELESS_ people are a _THREAT_ to us. :)
2.) I got my hp 9000 e25 mostly functional, with HP-VUE running. ( please note that this is a server, and has only a dumb terminal).
3.) I got my hp 700/RX xterminal to boot and find the hp 9000 server, and use HP-VUE (which imho is much better looking than the SUN CDE).
4.) I posted on vector about how i have a 19" xterminal to play on :)
So now you know :) i'll take pics of the pretty sight !!!! its fucking killer.