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Cybernetic STD's... 2000-04-04 20:25:00
by marasmus
Well it's obvious - vectorstar looks different.
I got sick of the old, supersimple look, and thus it's become a little more complex. not really complex, just more entertaining than before.

We've still got this FeelReal project that we want to get off the ground, but it seems that the original front-runner of it (Alaster) is tied up doing other things. We'd welcome some input on ideas on what to do with FeelReal.

Back to the topic, I'd like to see some kind of branding, like an STD, get stamped on all the stupid people who intercommunicate insecurely across the net. This would probably help people realize the need for some level of security on the net, if they could for a moment get their heads out from between the walls of their colon. I'm really annoyed by the fact that the vast majority of home computers connected to the net are teeming with simple, fixable security holes. F.

Read This. It's about GNUtella, a distributed information tool that provides anonymity protection to posters of material likely to be sanctioned and governed by outdated laws.. It has side effects, just like any other useful tool. When you hunt with a gun, you can also hunt a human with a gun.. Everything has some kind of side effect when used improperly.. Anyways, read it, get old school on that ass, and slap mah fro.