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ghetto booty 2000-10-24 01:32:30
by obrien
Caridwen: don't get a place in Clearwater, it sucks so much ass up there (and it's fucking expensive). St. Pete's where it's at. I don't think there are any ghettos in Clearwater. Not any *real* ones, anyway. The kind where I lock my doors and fear for my life.... And $560 for a 2 bedroom's kinda expensive for my tastes... I know a place on Central where you can get a 2 bedroom for $350 with utilities included. To some people that may be ghetto, but I knew a person that lived there and it was actually pretty decent...

But I digress.... I'd just like to say that my sister Kathy, the fat bitchy one, is pregnant. So anything I do right now that is retarded seems less retarded when you look at her. That's gonna be one fat, stupid baby.