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Damn!! 2000-10-23 21:33:55
by caridwen
I was trying to find apartment listings in Warrensburg Missouri and on Cape Cod today (Missouri cause I'm trying to talk my father into going and getting his teaching degree and there's a college there), and I came up with 40 apartment listings in Warrensburg and the surrounding areas. But of course, I got only two listings on Cape Cod.. pretenious, snobbish bastards..
So for shits and giggles I did a search for Apartments in Clearweater, Florida, and I immedatly fell off my god damned ass. I found some place called Bay Pointe Apartments that has two bedroom apartments (and a total square footage of 940) for $560.00 a month and only $200 down.. of course, this place is prolly ghettoland.. but I've lived in my share of ghettos, so big fucking deal.
Now you wanna know what that will buy you in Sacramento?? Somebody spitting in your eye and space under a freeway overpass!! Augh!!
Now if somebody living in Florida would like, love me and stuff and send me apartment listings in the Clearweater area, I *may* just be able to talk Dad into moving there.
Whoever sends me apartment listings, I shall name my first child after!!