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#2 for the WarezKiddie hall of Fame! 2000-10-23 17:05:34
by marasmus
Congratulations, Folks! We've got our second contestant for the VectorStar Warez Kiddie Hall of Fame! Today's contestant is GetMoviezNow, from HotMail. He has scrambled his way up to #1 by getting a forwarding domain name of and forwarding it to his space at VectorStar, where he was banner-spamming and sharing the VCD/DivX/MP4 wealth with the rest of the 13-year-old world. I have taken the liberty of changing his site for him a little bit. If you do not like nudity, violence, anti-christian humor, or anal firecrackers, i would not recommend viewing his new site. This ought to scare away the 12 year olds looking for VCDs.

Gawd, at least get enough of a mind not to trade warez on majorly mainstream and wide open channels (HTTP). You could at least attempt some covert activity and use IRC, but I guess that's just a little bit too old-school for these modern day reimplementations of toilet paper.

So, for any of you who threw up after viewing that last link, I'm sorry. Don't say I didn't warn you, though...

for the guys, I'm sorry if this stunt hammered your server. E-mail me if you want to discuss it, or just bite my head off.

His last known IP address (5:20pm EDT): []