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Trackball mouses: The Devils Handycraft 2000-10-23 12:54:03
by angeltek
You ever engrossed in whatever it is that your doing...perhaps it's multitasking...or perhaps it's whakin off to porn on the internet (I guess that's Multi tasking for some of us), or maybe it's drawing a picture of a tulip on Paintbrush (yeah right)....then suddenly the action on the screen stops...the cursor has frozen into verticle motion only...and every which direction you move the mouse, weather it be up, dow, left, righ, inside, outside and upside down...nothng about it changes?....Well I'm sick of it....I should tell who ever came up with this whole trackball I dea to Fuck my Liver and Call me Hairy cause they are the devils handycrafting work. I'm almost afraid every time somthing fals behind the desk that When I go under to get it, the mouse cord is gonna fall down, wrap itself round my neck and strangle me to death....ok...maybe a bit of exageration...but sometimes..... Of course in order to avoid all tese complications you have 4 options. 1) Get the mouse that looks like a pen....(I'm scared) 2) Get one of them new fangled mouses with the laser doo hickies and such...however think of how many more batteries youd have to buy, and I bet the battereis it takes you can only buy from a computer store...Oh the conspiaracy...(and lets think rationally here...if you have a 4 year old runnin round and you got one of them mouses with a laser...hmmm...can we say regular visits to the optomatrist) 3) get a mouse with the trackball on top...(hmmm...wait a minute...this may lead to another post like this one) 4) Forget a mouse altogether...hey, isn't that what they made these shortcuts for? know the ones that don't work for every program...the ones where they change for each and every program...but a few of them stay the same...and unless you mister miracle memory man your not gonna be able to remember which short cut changes the colour. And for those of us that use about 34 different programs at once that use shortcuts.... So what will it be? Will we ever remove ourselves form this mousy mouse world? From your Daily Insane Rambler about non essential things and stuff with rambling runnon sentances...or DIRANETASWRRS (Diranetasaurus)