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stupid rich people 2000-10-23 00:55:49
by obrien
Here's a little story about a stupid bitch.

I was hanging out in Snell Isle tonight, waiting for my friend. Me and a few people were chilling by my car, waiting for him to come out of his house. Just minding our own businesss, smoking our cigarettes. We weren't even being loud.

So this stupid rich bitch comes outside and demands to know why we're there. We explain that we're waiting for our friend JJ so that we can go have band practice. She says, "I know there aren't any kids named JJ in this neighborhood, I think you're full of baloney." Baloney, huh?

So Mike, the greatest spokesman in the world, offers to take her up to JJ's door to verify our story, all the while being very polite and calling her ma'am and shit.

Granted, we did look a little strange in her neighborhood. I looked like the FemiNazi from hell, and Mike had a red and yellow mohawk. But we were very well behaved and actually had a legitimate reason to be there.

So Mike takes her to the door. JJ's really confused... Mike asks him what his name is, who we are, why we're here, etc, the whole time staring at the lady with this big grin. JJ's kinda exasperated, but he says "my name's JJ, you're supposed to be waiting for me outside. We're gonna have band practice at Nick's house... what the fuck??" At this point the lady feels like the biggest dumbass, thanks JJ for his time, and starts walking home. Mike walks her home, chatting her up the whole time. Finally she asks why he spit so much (he does spit about every 30 seconds). So Mike tells her that he has overactive salivary glands. She says "Who told you that? I don't think they know what they're talking about." This is the icing on the cake. Mike replies "my mom is an RN who works for Bayfront and Palms of Pasadena part-time. She tells me if there's something wrong with my body." So the lady shuts up and goes inside.

What a stupid motherfucker. It's just so great when you're right, and the simple-minded, prejudiced bastards feel like dumbasses.