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my ass 2000-10-22 15:29:55
by obrien
While we're on the topic of discrimination, I'll throw my opinion out there. Now, there are 10,000 different directions I could go with this, but I'll try to stay focused...

Yeah, I get discriminated against all the time, everyday, in every way possible. But what pisses me off most is that I'm fat, which automatically makes me ugly, stupid, and a loser.

And even though Kmart won't see this cause his cable's down, I am fat. Don't argue with me on this one. Kmart's always the first to say that, "Oh, you're not fat. You still look like a woman, not like an egg." So I might not have that egg-shape going on, I can thank my child-bearing hips for that. But either way, when you gain almost 100 pounds, you're fucking fat. I used to be about the same height/weight as Marasmus. Identical, but with hips and boobs.

So what does being fat have to do with discrimination? Everything. Like I said, I'm automatically ugly and stupid. So if I'm sitting outside a show or at the mall or wherever, guys don't talk to me. Now, 50 or 80 pounds ago, guys would talk to me all the time. Argh. I mean, I'm not so desperate to get laid that I'll fuck anything that talks to me, but shit, I've gone out with ugly guys before. That's something that doesn't bother me. I tend to look at personality and intelligence, and if a really hot guy is totally retarded, he's no longer attractive in my mind. But I should just give up on guys totally.

But guys aren't the only problem. Jobs, too. You may not think that fat people don't get jobs as quickly as skinny pretty people do, but it's true. My ex, the manager at Spec's, actually told me, "he was all fat and nasty-looking, there's no way in hell I'll hire him." And once, me and my friend Beth both applied at the same place. Guess who got called back for a second interview, even though she had no experience in photo processing and I did.

There are a ton of other examples, but this is really long, so I'll shut up now. But when I think about stuff like this, I can't help but think that the entire population needs to be nuked, myself included.

Oh, and if anyone feels the urge to tell me to shut up and go on a diet, fuck you. That's all I have to say to that.