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Discrimination 2000-10-21 19:57:52
by marasmus
A long while, but a topic-oriented opinion is getting slapped up here:

There are a large number of discriminations I get faced with everyday that just piss me off. Irreverent, lazy, self-serving reasons fuel these discriminations. There's not even a good racism, sexiam, or moralism dogma to cram down my throat - it's just pure laziness.
  • Operating Systems: I use unix. That includes Linux, OpenBSD, and some Solaris. There are numerous sites that I simply cannot view/use/whatever, although Netscape 4.75 for linux is fairly stable. There are numerous services (such as my RoadRunner cable modem connection) that I am not entitled to USE because I am not running Windows v4+ or MacOS 7.6+.
  • Cars: You've got to sell your right arm and your first-born child to get a luxury sedan with a fucking manual transmission. This bothers me so much because it is SO simple to build your car with the option of manual or automatic transmission. You can get a Nissan Maxima no problem, but the Nissan just isn't a REAL quality car. Sure, it's decent, but it's not quality.
  • Porn!!!! God forbid I can get into a porn site in linux. oh sweet fucking christ there is no chance in hell in me ever getting past their javascript infinite loop, self-encapsulating incrementing variable memory traps from hell. Lets not even go into the Java problems.... especially considering almost all A/V stream clients are written in ActiveX so they don't work in linux.. the few java ones that are out there VERY rarely work.
  • Music: Go to the store these days and the music scene isn't that bad at all. There really _is_ a decent selection, especially compared to the situation 5 to 10 years ago. Still, two-thirds of the bands/musicians I listen to don't ever have the CD i want in stock, but at least the store has heard of a few of these people. I can't bitch all that much about music, other than the whole radio play bullshit, but that's what happens when a business claims to serve a purpose but is truly a 100% marketing enterprise.
  • Consumer electronics: go to a car-audio store and try to get a decent selection (more than 3 available brands)... you can't, unless you go to circuit city or wal-mart, either of which have the big pick between snap-dragon korea-flare brand, daewoo (who the fuck gave them the bad idea of making cars?), or Road Gear. suck me right off. I can't go to the store and buy the quality stereo items I want to buy, even from "high-end" stores. blows. Same goes for computers, but that's just cause everyone pisses me off when it comes to computers. You too.
  • White People: Think i'm some kind of crazy ass PWT, drug dealer, or punk. First off, i'm so not punk, they need to watch more MTV. Fuck them.
  • Black People: really don't give me any shit. I don't know if they're just cool, if they don't care, or if they think i'm a steel-toed nazi.
I'm done for now.

oh, almost forgot... shut your face, stop judging me, and ASK me your DAMN self if you want to know something. Then, you might get a little bit of respect.