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big black grape-flavored strap-ons 2000-10-21 08:20:05
by obrien
Note to self: too much whiskey = hangover

Ugh. Once I post this I'm going back to bed. I'd just like to tell everyone about Chevy's new (and temporary) apartment... While it's way too pink and flowery for my tastes, it's very nice. Leather couches, two balconies, two bedrooms... Good stuff. So we had a small housewarming party last night, involving Jim Beam and Hornsby's.

And just to demonstrate how horrible peer pressure really is, Josh drank almost a whole Zima! I was quite surprised.

And here's my pointless thought for the day: CDs suck. Tapes are so much cooler. I don't give a shit about sound quality, with the music I listen to, bad sound quality can be a good thing. All I know is that I can break my tapes in half, leave them out in the sun till the plastic is melted, stick them up my ass, and masturbate with them, and they still play. CDs are just too high-maintenance for my lazy ass. Plus, I can just make tapes from my friend's CDs.

A bed would be a good thing right now.