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Speaking of sloth... 2000-10-17 09:11:00
by marasmus
I'm just reading through the transcripts of everyday technical banter between developers and businesspeople, realizing that these businesspeople are well beyond the point of bandwagoning - they constantly try to build their own little crusade against quality and logic, in the rat-race pursuit of saving 20 cents per asinine cause. Some developer wants a one-click install gimmick on their site. One click means that the page is simple - you can click one thing and you can get one thing. However, they're dead-set in believing that it needs to be rewritten in their vehicular-manslaughter ASP pages in order to provide robust BULLSHIT_TECHNOBABBLE_HERE for their database. NO database support is needed for a one-click install of a static executable! No magic wands are needed to press ONE button and install one program. Best part is that they want to host the page but they don't want to host the program itself, thus leading to security problems on this seemingly-simple one-click install.

Moral of the story? If you're going to be a crusading zealot and chop heads, don't discriminate and bicker about smalltalk. Trot by on your white horse and chop every head you see. Don't play duck-duck-goose with the "enemy". You can't claim to fight for a cause if you stop in the middle of battle to ask a slew of qualifying-questions. Religious zealotry is not an IRS audit - so if you're going to be a total prick, at least do it right instead of entirely fucking yourself purple in the ass.

And people say I've got problems.... :>